Additional concepts for license tests.

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I really liked how in GTS, there were tests on trail braking and fuel mapping. So I had some ideas for other license test themes:

-Advantages of turbos.

-Turbo lag, where you'll need to find a way to manage a car's throttle and RPMs when it can have obvious turbo lag upon using the throttle.

-Advantages of superchargers, which would be compared to the prior two.

-Advantages of sequential turbos, which would be compared to the prior three.

-Advantages of NA, which would be compared to the prior four.

-Transmission tuning, where you are only able to tune one gear at a time per test, and tuning said gear will be required to get gold at the track each test is set. Some will require shorter or longer gearing, and the last of these tests will have you tune all gears - obtaining gold while leaving the gear ratios as stock will be impossible.

-Suspension tuning, where you may be given a car that, as stock, is very prone to oversteer or understeer. You'll have to tune various parameters within the suspension settings to get gold. Like the transmission tuning, you'd be tuning one setting per test, and the last of these tests would need you to tinker with all the suspension settings. One test could have you change ride height to take better-advantage of the Venturi effect, while another test or two would show you why it can be good to have the front ride height differ from the rear ride height, namely in that I heard that it can help when you account for a car's downforce combined with the car body's movement under braking.

-LSD tuning. See above.

-Downforce tuning. See above. More specifically, there could be at least two tests, both set at Le Mans. One tasks you with going through the Mulsanne straight, while another has you going through the Porsche curves. Respectively, it'll force the player to lower and raise the car's downforce. But there could also be additional downforce tuning tests, where you are tasked with learning how to best balance the front and rear downforce, perhaps with different tracks and track sections.

-Brake Balance tuning. This would teach the player what sort of tracks/cars are best to use various sorts of brake balance tuning settings. This would also include at least one test in heavy rain.

-TCS tuning. This would include a test done in heavy rain.