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    I have a friend who is in a difficult situation right now. He and his roommate recently moved into a new place. Alone, rent cannot be acheived, but together it is managable. His roommate was supposed to pay his half of the first months rent and deposit today. My friend came home from work to find all of his roommate's belongings gone, and a note confirming his departure.

    Here's where my question comes in. As stated above my friend cannot pay the rent alone. It is due very soon and he doesn't have the money. He is looking to find another roommate quick but the results aren't very promising. I make a substantial amount of money over him.

    I bring this up because I want to offer finacial help, as he's been my friend for many years and I know he would do the same for me if capable. My problem is I don't want to insult the guy by asking. Would it be insulting for me to offer him help, and is there a way I can offer?
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    I don't think it's insulting to help and seriously doubt he'd mind it. If you want to help, you should definitely offer.

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    I'd say that it would be a good idea to make an offer to float him the cash, of course, under the stipulation that he needs to find another roommate soon, and that it isn't something you can do all the time.

    Or better yet?

    Would you be able to be his roomie?
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    What you want to do is right, helping out your friend who is in need. He and his roomate were able to pay the rent but his roomate left your friend hanging dry. It was nothing that he could control and for that reason I do not think he would be insulted or feel like you are undermining him in any way.

    Like said though, make sure he knows that you arent going to pay the other half of the rent forever and that he needs to find another roomate.
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    Whenever I'm not sure how my mates are getting on, I drop in a discreet:

    "If you need help with the money, I can help you out."

    If it's on the down-low, discreet like, they know you're not flaunting it over them or anything.
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    It's nice of you to help out a friend in need but what if he doesn't find a roomate? Are you going to keep paying untill he finds one?

    Why doesn't he move out himself? In whose name is the *rent contract* (don't know the right word).
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    Yes, a discreet "You know, if you could use a loan, just give me a shout" would be entirely appropriate.
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    Agreed. Simply tell him that you understand his plans went wrong (through no fault of his own) and you're in a position to help him out of this emergency. Don't be emphatic about making it of finite length, but say something like "This should give you a month to work something out" that implies it's a one-off without beating him up with it.

    Cheers to you for being a good friend.
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    This thread makes me happy. To hear about someone doing something kind is always refreshing.