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This thread is the home for all of my past and current livery projects in GT7. Links/search tags can be found in the relevant posts. Hope you enjoy :).

View my entire GT7 gallery here.

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1. GT500 Pack 1 (Added 6/5/22)
2. Bugs and Arrows (Added 11/14/22)
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GT500 Pack 1
While I hadn't originally intended these 3 designs to be a set necessarily, the fact that the cars were the primary entries in the 2008 GT500 class gave me the idea to put them together here as a sort of compilation. While they're all fantasy creations, I intended to make them as period-correct as possible, which thankfully isn't terribly difficult since most logos haven't changed in the ~15 years since these machines originally raced.

Search: #supergt #5zigen #realistic

The SC430 was my first subject, and overall only the third livery I'd produced in GT7. As you may be able to tell, I hadn't quite figured out all of the fine details yet as the number plate is incorrect for a 2008 season car; it should just say "" on the bottom rather than the ZF logo used since the merge with DTM specs. There was some inspiration from the 5zigen NSX that raced in the late 90s, but I tried to give it more of a modern spin with the angle on the stripe.

Search: #gt500 #supergt #yellowcorn

Those who participated in April's LEC may recognize this as my entry for that competition. While I've made a new livery for the NSX that I'll be sharing in a future post, it still remains a personal favorite. I'm particularly happy with the way the side logos for the main sponsor came out, as I used a Yellow Corn logo shared on the showcase and applied a few layers of circles with solids and gradients to produce the "sunrise" look you see here. As mentioned in the LEC thread, this was inspired by the last McLaren F1 GTR entry that ran in the GT500 class until 2004 and featured the eye-catching Yellow Corn sponsor. Unfortunately the only decals for Yellow Corn were horizontal layouts with no stacked versions as the F1 had, but it still came out well. And a fun tidbit: the "stripes" that made this livery eligible for the theme were actually made using layered circle decals.

Search: #supergt #maziora #fantasy

Of these 3 designs, this one is my favorite. I was in the mood to use an iridescent color as the base for a design, and decided that it made sense to make it an "art car" of sorts with a paint brand as the primary sponsor. Maziora was the perfect fit as they produce these wild paint colors IRL, and I added the multi-colored paint splashes as an extra touch to drive home the focus on color. I also got more in tune with the finer details, like the small weights you see in the quarter window that indicate a weight handicap and added the strips of neon green as accents like the yellow seen on the original Xanavi/Nismo livery.

Stay tuned for a second GT500 pack in the future, once I find inspiration for another livery on the GTR (the SC430 and NSX have alternative designs ready to go), and enjoy some group photos in the meantime.

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Bugs and Arrows
Well, now that I've left this thread to rot for the summer, time to start knocking the rust off with the projects I've made in the meantime :dunce:; should have enough to keep this thing semi-active in the near term.

My plan with this thread is to try giving each entry a "theme", and this one gives a pair of one-off designs (meaning I didn't produce them as part of a multi-car project like my previous post with the GT500 liveries) some company.

#31 Beetle GSR Cup Car

This design took inspiration from two sources: first being the limited-edition Beetle GSR that VW sold for the 2014 model year as a nod to the "Gelb Schwarz Renner" of yore, and the 2000 Cup Car that I'm sure most of you recognize from GT3 and GT4. This was my first go at a mask livery, with the yellow being laid over a carbon fiber base to give the stripes some texture. Getting the shapes to line up nice under the rear hatch was a challenge as they tended to warp quite a bit, but I think it came out well.

Gallery link if you're interested.

#8 Mercedes CLK-LM

Pretty simple premise with this one: what if Mercedes ran one more CLK-LM under their factory team for the GT1 championship? Also took some pics with a moody blue filter to capture some of that Y2K aesthetic for some "period-correctness".

Gallery link if you're interested.