Aftermarket pedals for G27

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by danjee, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. danjee

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    Are there any other 3-pedal pedal sets that work with the Logitech G27 wheel? I'm especially after ones with a longer accelerating pedal, so I can better learn how to heel-toe (which I find difficult on the G27's stock pedals).

    Thanks you! :tup:
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  4. danjee

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    Uh, yeah... The cheapest one there is over 1000 USD. :tdown:
  5. gogatrs

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    There are plenty of mods out there.
    You can relatively easily create a longer pedal throw.
    There'd a good thread on the PS3 forums somewhere.
    I can't link you since I'm on my iPod, but try searching for "The Fabrication Shop."
  6. MozzMann

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    There are many Pedal set ups around IF you want to Mortgage a Kidney.
    Frex, Cannon, ECCI and the Joke of the lot Thomas are far to expensive for what they are BUT they require a LOT of manual assembly and that's what costs, structurally they are worth about half what you pay.

    The way I see it you have 2 affordable options .

    1 Buy a Leo Bodnar's stand alone controller adapter for your pedals, they are Plug and Play you will see and immediate improvement in precision and thereby drivability
    2 Strip your current pedals apart ( Make a PROPER wiring Diagram) and then build/make a top mount for the pedals and then lengthen the Pedal levers.

    Then couple this with Leo's adapter.

    Leo also has the Gear shift Adapter for the G27 and G25 to run as a stand alone Shifter,

    I am trying to develop a respectably priced kit for the manual rebuild of G25 and G27 pedals.

    Rebuilding you own pedals is very easy IF you have the tools
    if you get stuck send them too me and I'll make them into top mounted longer versions, :p
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  7. danjee

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    I'm not too tech-savvy. :indiff:

    I'm fine with the responsiveness, precision, and floor-mounted-ness of the stock pedals; it's really just the feel under my feet that bothers me. Do you reckon my problem could be solved by just changing the pedals, instead of diving into the technological makeup of the unit? I know the G27 pedals are only held on my screws, so do you think I can easily and professionally make them a little more realistic by just changing the pedals?

    I admit I was originally just looking for a whole other pedal unit, but unless I spends big buck for a shoddy product, doesn't sound like that's happening.

    I'd rather not go inside the pedals and start messing around. I know it's probably not as difficult/risky as it seems, but I'm just not a DIY kind of guy, I suppose.

    Regardless, thank you for your advice. :)
  8. Nastradamus87

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