AI broken at Spa 1 hour after 1.31 update

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After the 1.31 update the AI seems broken at the Spa 1 hour race. In the last stint after the rain (from about lap 16) the AI simply tours around at 3/4 speed. As a result you always win, but it also very boring, because it no longer is a race.
Anyone else noticed this?
On a related note, in the new 800pp 3 lap Nurburgring race, several AI cars run out of fuel at the end of the last lap.
The AI has always been of questionable quality, but now it seems outright broken.
Didn't notice last weekend. As i was using the new Audi RS5 i lapped everyone on hard 2 times (consistently) so i wasn't really taking notes. ;-)

Such things (AI broken) can happen if you put out a lot of generic single player material - wait, PD isn't putting out a lot of content, so that should absolutely not happen. So few events and they still manage to brake the races. :odd:
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AI being slow in or after rain isnt a new issue.
It could already happen in any event with mixed weather.

AI running out of fuel, I havent noticed that yet, but maybe in some cases the preprogrammed routine per track doesnt match up with the new version. But also the AI isnt 100% accurate on doing pits on the same lap everytime, only in case of tyrewear will it do that.
Same strange happens in Le Mans race, AI being very very slow under rain even being very fast some seconds before in same conditions…
Occasionally before the update you would see a bot driving around slowly maybe because it didn't refuel, maybe it was because they where blocked trying to get into the pits, that's not the case here, I have ran numerous races on Spa & Le Mans 800, after watching the replays the some bots after going into the pits are staying on the race tires even during heavy rain. I watched the Mercedes at Spa take a several minutes during the rain storm getting around the track spinning off the track numerous times only to get back to the pits and put RS back on. Some bots are putting IM on during heavy rain instead of wets causing them to drive slower than they would if they had put on wets. So update 1.31 is causing some how the bots to not select the right tire.
Thanks for your replies.
The behaviour of the AI is significantly worse than earlier. Spa 1 hour was my favourite race, I ran it several times per week earlier. A couple of AI cars could misbehave earlier, but now they all do it. As also the fastest AI cars start to cruise at moderate speed after the last stop, it is no longer a race. Such a pity, I hope PD fixes this soon.
My guess is something went wrong with the existing programming of the AI and the new tire model.
I haven't played much since the update, but over the last 4-6 weeks I had noticed the AI missing pit stops quite frequently and thus slowly navigating the tracks for the duration of said races. What I'm saying is it was happening more often in the last 4-6 weeks. So I don't know if this update did anything to make it worse.
I wonder if it's something to do with what tire compound they're on? If they're not on IMs or Wets, they could be driving a lot slower to be careful until they're able to pit.
I wonder if it's something to do with what tire compound they're on? If they're not on IMs or Wets, they could be driving a lot slower to be careful until they're able to pit.
All the races I've witnessed since the update the AI are limping back to the pits during rain and putting back on the same type tire they where on, which is usally race tires, thus them driving slowly, I will note this isn't happening with all the bots during the race, but with a lot of them.
I rarely run that Spa race, but none of that stuff is new to the game, maybe just new to that specific race. In fact, most races it’s pretty common for AI to drive slower on the last lap or two and also (less common, but still happens) run out of fuel in my experiences. It seemed way more prevalent on Easy or Intermediate difficulty, but I still see it on Hard.
Maybe not slow down to 3/4 speed at the end of the race, but definitely slower for sure, almost like they want you to win as long as you’re in top 3 or 4 near the end of the race. Many other races I’ve seen AI run out of fuel. It seemed like 1.30 increased that at Sardegna where it was common for 1 of them to run out of fuel and drive 2 or 3 full laps with no fuel before finally going “hey maybe I should pit this time”. They would always have a queue of other AI behind them too as if they didn’t know how to pass, even on a long straight.
I managed to lose my CRB in VR thanks to the artificial idiots driving slow whether there is a yellow flag or not. I can’t see the when the AI pit or what tires they use in VR, so can’t comment on that, but they surely do love spinning out and causing yellow flags as much as they love driving slow and since PD forgot the yellow flag warnings and lots of other useful information in VR my main challenge in that race is searching for the marshals every time I want to overtake.