AI Opponents Unaffected By Rain?

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This was strange. I just set up a 10 lap GT3 race at Spa, with the weather set to rain heavily half way through. So we all start on dry weather slicks.

I worked my way up from 9th to 2nd just as it started to rain heavily. I thought I would pit when the 1st place driver did. But he never did. None of the AI did. There's me sliding all over the track aquaplaning and losing 20s per lap and dropping down the pack while the AI stay out on their slicks unaffected. Finished the race in 10th :-(

Anyone else had this?
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United Kingdom
If tyres in the tuning setup menu are set to Automatic by weather instead of hard / medium / soft / inters or wets would you then be starting the race with the same tyre as the AI ?
but a sensible race driver wouldn't want to ruin his wet tires by running several laps on them in the dry. better to pit in later. I wonder if that's why he went from 9th to 2nd, were the AI slower on wets in the dry? they should have been. hmmmm
The thing was, the AI weren't that much slower than me starting on wet tyres on a dry track. I didn't have the AI level set particularly high (maybe 60), so presumed my 9th to 2nd in 5 laps was pretty normal - hence assuming we were all on the same tyres.

PS. Yes I had the tyre setting on 'automatic for the weather' so it's strange it puts me on a different (worse?) strategy to the AI.