All Japan GR Yaris Super Cup | x2 Sprint Races - 5 Rounds | Mondays at 8pm EST


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All Japan GR Yaris Super Cup
Welcome to the All Japan GR Yaris Super Cup! We will run at 8:00pm EST on Mondays. Championship series running for 5 weeks starting the 30th of November. All cars will share the same livery, with the only differences being the side stripe color and number. Take a look at the details below and consider registering if you are interested! :)

5 weeks of racing starting on 11/30

Round 1 - Tsukuba Circuit (11/30)
Round 2 - Suzuka Circuit (12/7)
Round 3 - Autopolis International - Shortcut Course (12/14)
Round 4 - Fuji International (12/21)
Round 5 - Tokyo Expressway - South Outer Loop (12/28)
- Practice: 15 Minutes
- Qualifying: 10 Minutes
- Race 1: 15 Minutes- Order set by qualifying
- Race 2: 15 Minutes - Reverse order from previous result

**Grid start with False Start Check**
- Room Privacy: Friends Only
- Boost: None
- Slipstream: Real
- Visible Damage: On
- Mechanical Damage: Light
- Tire Wear: x3
- Fuel Consumption: x3
- Initial Fuel: 50 liters (13 gallons)
- Grip Reduction: Real
- BOP: Off
- Tire Rating: Sports Medium
- Tuning: Prohibited
- Ghosting: Off
- Penalties: Off
- Flag Rules: On
- Driving Aids: Off (except ABS)
Toyota GR Yaris RZ "High Performance" '20

- Power: 268 hp (100%)
- Weight: 2,844 lb / 1,290 kg (100%)

All entries will run the same livery with the side stripe color and numbers being the only differences. When you register, you will be given the option to select your stripe color.

To register, copy/paste the following into a new post and fill in the information. Be sure to check the registered drivers list to make sure that your number and choice of stripe color are not already taken. Send me a friend request on PSN (R1600Turbo) once you register and I will create/share your livery. Make sure the base color of the car is white.

GTP Name:
PSN Name:
Car Number:
Stripe Color Choice:
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United States
Registration List

GTP Name: ToxicBacon
PSN Name: t0x1c_bac0n_
Car Number: 33
Stripe Color Choice: Red

GTP Name: R1600Turbo
PSN Name: R1600Turbo
Car Number: 71
Stripe Color Choice: Blue

GTP Name : Er_Pachito
PSN Name: Er_pachito
Car Number : 74
Stripe Color Choice: Green
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