Alternative (more useful) leaderboard for pc users

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    Found this on the PCars Forum from member @cry_inc:


    • Quickly looking up the position of any player for a given leaderboard
    • Saving your own user name and the ones of your friends (can be imported from Steam)
    • Showing leaderboards only for you and your friends
    • Looking up all the times a player has driven (including the rank for the track/vehicle combination)
    • A single page that shows which of your friends were faster/slower for all track/vehicle combinations you have in common
    • A comparison of all the different cars for any track to get a better feeling which cars are better suited for that track
    Much more useful leaderboard, especially with including friends and easily being able to look up all your leaderboard rankings on a single list. Cry_inc is also open to suggestions for added features.
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