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Discussion in 'GT4 Drifting' started by tfujiwara, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. tfujiwara


    I see alot of people here that are saying that it takes about a day or more to have your settings perfect to drift.Well.....For me it takes about no more than 5min. Is it that hard to get a car to drift?All of my frinends say that I should go to some Tournament or something.I know I'm good.But what I'm trying to say is that. Do you guys just buy a car and drift with it right away, or does it take time to get the car to drift.Do you want your settings to be perfect? Can you just drift with the car right away?(I can. Even on my friend's settings.) I simply just buy a car, level 3 exhaust, original suspension, LSD, tires, and original turbo(or Stage 4) with racing intercooler.Then, I lower the car all I can with stiffest springs. All 0(zero) driving aids. and thats it. It takes just 1 lap to know how to drift with the car.

    If ^this^ dosen't make sense because of my lack of typing and thinking.
    I want to know if theres anybody out there that can just simply buy a car with upgrades and simply just drift with it right away with no problems.
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  2. Delphic Reason

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    I'm not really sure what you are trying to accomplish with this thread.

    You seem to be blowing your own horn a bit too much, which isn't going to get you very far around here.

    To answer your question. Yes. There are many people around here who have little trouble drifting the various vehicles in the GT series.

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