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  1. Hey guys posting this thread because looking for a quick response other than Reddit.

    So we have 3 echo dot 3rd gen. My Amazon account is Prime. I have just subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited HD family plan which is currently £7.99 for a time and the £14.99 after trial period.

    My mums Alexa echo dot is signed in to her non prime account. For instance when i ask "Alexa, play Children by Robert Miles" she tells me to sign up for £3.99 a mth.

    Soo what is Amazon household if i can't give my mum access to my prime music subscription on my account ?
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    Have you linked the accounts?

    Go to the Your Prime Membership screen and click on Update Your Settings.


    Than go to the "Manage your household" screen where you can add people.
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  3. Hey buddy thanks for QR, had to ring Amazon Customer support, don't know what was wrong before, but now my mum can get my amazon music subscription, and still get her kindle audio books.