Amuse s2000 gt1 is literally undriveable.

Discussion in 'GTS Tuning' started by talhaONE, Aug 31, 2018.

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    I don't understand is this car is like that in reallife too?Even with a slight wheel turning car sliding and goes into the grass all the time.Is this undriveability is nature of the car or with some tuning can i make it more driveable?
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    Try @praiano63 tune here Honda S2000 Amuse R1 Titan - Racing Hard Tires - All around the tune is in the video.
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    Awesome set up !
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  5. Unknownm


    Hey guys I'll add some input to tuning this car. I'm not great at tuning but I'm trying to learn.

    PS4 Pro w/ Controller
    Left stick = steering , Right Stick Up = Accel & Down = Brake
    Controller Steering Sensitivity = 5
    NO ABS

    Power Ratio = 100%
    Weight Reduction = 89%
    TC = 0
    Tires = Racing SS (F/B)
    Brake Balance = 0
    Ride Height in = 4.02 / 3.82
    Natural Frequency = 2.95 / 2.90
    Anti-Roll Bars = 8/6
    Compression = 55/56
    Rebound = 86/87
    Camber = +3.1/+2.4
    Toe Angle = Out 0.18/In 0.54
    Downforce = 175/500
    LSD: 21/8/25

    Gearbox w/ Racingtube XLS file. Read up on that first before entering these values:

    #1: Top speed 211mph
    #2: Final Gear 4.500
    2nd: 1.702 / 85
    3rd: 1.335 / 108
    4th: 1.085 / 132
    5th: 0.912 / 157
    6th: 0.793 / 181

    1st gear adjust yourself. Sometimes 1st for turns which means adjusting: 2.411 / 60.
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    United Kingdom
    I just tried the S2000 GT1 Turbo for the first time in the second Premium Sports campaign race, and was surprised by two things:
    1. The car's handling when turning in AND when on the power out of a turn, and
    2. I was still able to win easily even though I was all over the place. Have they dumbed the AI down even more than it was already?

    Anyway, I'd be interested to know if there's an explanation for the lack of stability, is it a suspension thing or related to the differential's torque settings or something? I'll try these tunes but I was really hoping for a predictable ride that you could push hard for Tsukuba time attack, but it's definitely not that!

    Edit: I tried @praiano63's tune, excluding power, weight and transmission settings and compared it back to back with the stock settings with a lap around Tsukuba on RSS tyres, in two laps (because I spun the car just before the finish line) with their tune my time was 0:57.686 and with the stock settings on my first lap I got 0:57.940. Both laps were messy even by my low standards but to my mind that tune isn't a significant improvement.

    Then I did a really quick, rough tune to 'brute force' the oversteer out and did a 55.9 on my first go, which is faster than the one lap I've done in the Isle of Man Impreza, which is AWD, only 40bhp down and a comparable weight, although gearing favours the S2000 for sure.

    I dropped the ride height to the minimum, natural frequency and anti-roll bars to the max, left dampers, camber and toe set to the defaults, put LSD initial torque and braking to the max and acceleration to the minimum. The car is a bit harder to steer but since the problem was that it was oversteering everywhere it worked out OK, at least for Tsukuba! I might work on it some more but I rarely play GTS, I only picked it up tonight to try the S2000 and as I'm not convinced it'll ever behave exactly how I want it to I can't really be bothered.
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  7. Ddkklop


    A bit late, but for whatever reason, they decided to make this a drift car, instead of a track/time attack machine it was in GT5/6. It is better with setups, though.
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    This one is a very old post. Physics changed a lot. Untouched s2000 is no longer slidey that it used to be.
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