amuse s2000 gt1 turbo suzuka pp700

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  1. ovalmaximus


    is this the best car for the track?!?! i cant seem to get a decent setting on it, best finish has been 6th, and i honestly believe it's a better car than the elise tuned but i get 3rd in that! i tried the suggested settings for the s2000 in the fuji race but they are of no help at all in the suzuka race! any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Soullessvessel


    let me take a run on suzuka with it and see what happens, i think i got 1st in that race but i have no clue what i used

    I pulled 3rd in the S2K with that same setup you might want to play with the weight/areo/power sence my exprence in forza on suzuka is is a cornering track
  3. ovalmaximus


    thanks buddy, i look forward to your info
  4. ovalmaximus


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I've just done it! found a set up for the elise 111r in the european tuners section and after about fourteen hours of trying i managed to win! im never doing that race again, i have come close to smashing my pads and at one point considered throwing my ps3 down the toilet!
  5. Chronos


    ACJMY2K asked me for some settings I used so I'm posting here. This is for S-10 with the Honda amuse S2000. I got first by lap 4 and you should find the car quite light and chuckable but still lots of pull out the corners and pretty easy for S-10.

    This not optimum and I haven't spent loads of time and dare say it could be improved or slightly adjust to your taste like steering angle brake bias but I got first on lap 4 and cruised to the finish so no point going crazy making it better. I find with this settings the back end just stepping naturally for good fast entry and exit for corners.

    The gears are set individually and not touched the final gear. Also on Suzuka on your laps after the 1st lap you should keep braking really late into turn 1, drop to 4th accelerate then brake a little drop to 3rd and power out and that seems to be where most time is gained on the front two. Just have a practice at braking late as you can and turn into early then accelerate again, works for me anyway, thanks.

    S-10 with the Honda amuse S2000

    Power (BHP) [521] [-16]
    Weight (kg) [1164] [104]

    Aero: [15] [25]
    Tires: [R1] [R1]
    Performance points 700/700

    Height: [-18] [-18]
    Spring rate: [7] [7]
    Dampers: [7] [7]
    Toe: [-0.20] [-0.20]
    Neg camber: [1.5] [1.4]
    Brake: [6] [5]

    Max steering angle: [40]
    Traction [OFF]
    ABS [1]

    1st: [67] [3.133]
    2nd: [102] [2.048]
    3rd: [140] [1.502]
    4th: [176] [1.192]
    5th: [222] [0.945]
    6th: [273] [0.770]
    7th: [372] [0.591]
    FINAL: [4.952]
  6. deadlyz33


    You set up the 7th gear to do 372?! I usually have last gear max out at 200 or so..
    EDIT: Oops I just realised you probably mean KPH lol, I'm thinkin mph.
  7. ValeRossi46


    the car is great..after a few hours of tuning and trying my ass off i beat it..I used somebodys specs from another thread to work off of and tweak into my own..I hate S10..i will never ever race it again haha
  8. WinterStorm


    Thanks Chronos, your settings for the Amuse are fantastic, the car behaves exactly the way I like. Didn't manage to clear the S PP700 events, but with your settings there's a light at the end of my tunnel!
  9. HakiraDyson

    HakiraDyson Premium

    GREAT SETTINGS! Been trying Amuse settings all day and then I used this one and won the race. Thanks a lot!
  10. HondaEK9


    Finished my s2000 collection too.
    My top 3 Favorites:
    #3- The fastest s2k is the one in dealership s2000 gt1 turbo 649hp killer drift car!!
    #2- S2000 gt1 04" nice clean amuse body-kitted car. A true 4cycl, naturally aspirated car. (does not have turbo)
    #1 My all time favorite The S2000 Amuse R1 Titan. Best track car under 400hp. Everyone creates rooms 300-500 hp this is the best car all around. I believe its the best car in the game.
    PS (bonus) I chrome painted all of these top 3 cars and let me tell you the s2000 amuse R1 looks SICK with chrome!!! The hood, the mugen hardtop, and the trunk stays black, after being painted chrome!!

    the s2000 lm race car and spoon are lousy for an lm car max hp is 330!!! it only looks good in my collection.. you should make the s2000 amuse R1 into a 400hp Monster. get gt tuning specs for racing or drift car.. a true beautiful monster "Amuse S2000 R1 Titan" is #1 FTW