An idea: How to design a new track based on already existing tracks

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Hi to all

Where the new designer is limited in quite few areas it can still be used to create some very nice tracks.
Here is an idea which can be used to create limitless number of the tracks with all familiar curves, corners and layouts. Remember the track Ascari from present version of Gran Turismo

Apparently it was created to be an ultimate track with many parts that resemble to other great racing tracks around the world

Here is the image that I found somewhere that describes more in details how Ascari track was designed:

Following this idea this is what I suggest here:

1.Let’s pick up few world famous racing circuits that we like (3, 4, 5 even more)

2.Then, let’s grab from every circuit the part that best represent it or the one that we like the most

3.Using those parts let’s come with our ultimate race track

Here I suggest few other things like limitations in regards to length and width

-Length: Since most of the tracks are between (3.3-3.7 miles or 5.3-6.0km let’s try to stay within these boundaries)

-Width: Also most of the world tracks are over 13 m in width so let’s go with 13-14 m of the width

Of course these are just suggestions

For example one of the tracks made this way could be SevenS Raceway (a track made of ‘best parts’ of Suzuka, Silverstone, Sonoma, Sebring, Sepang, Shanghai and Sochi)

Of course this ‘ultimate’ track can be made of the parts of GT original courses

What do you think?