An idea of how the "VGT Trophy" events in GT League could return in a future installment.

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-Much like GT4, there would be events for each manufacturer, and they could be an additional tab within the current "Brand Central" UI (or a similar successor).

-For some automakers, at least one of these events would be a one-make VGT race, specifically focused on the Gr.X class vehicles. On top of this, there would be a single VGT race for each VGT for a manufacturer. For examples, Alpine would have two, Audi would have one, Dodge/SRT would have three, and Peugeot would have two. The courses would also reflect the car, in a sense. To elaborate, here were some rough examples of the courses where I'd set each VGT's race, and specifically using courses that have appeared in the series thus far:

-Audi: Daytona Infield (Being inspired by the IMSA car, and all that.)
-BMW: Nurburgring Nordschleife
-Bugatti: Spa-Francorchamps
-Chaparral: Willow Springs - Big Willow
-Daihatsu: Tokyo Central
-Dodge (S): Daytona Speedway
-Dodge (R): Blue Moon Bay - Infield B
-Dodge (T): Special Stage Route X (To be honest, where else?)
-Fittiapldi EF7: Interlagos
-Honda: Suzuka (But of course!)
-Hyundai: Nurburgring GP (Because that's one of the meanings behind the "N" performance platform's name.)
-Infiniti: Hong Kong (either from GT4, or the Formula E circuit, if that's added.)
-Lexus: Fuji Speedway (Because that's what the "F" in their performance lineup stands for, right?)
-Mazda: Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa
-McLaren: Silverstone National Circuit
-Mini: Goodwood Circuit
-Nissan: Tokyo South
-Peugeot (L500R): Alsace - Village
-Toyota: Laguna Seca (Since it's CALTY's design, and all.)
-Zagato: Maggiore GP

On a side note, maybe we could find inspiration from the various GT6 events that featured some of the VGTs.

I'd also make an event for Citroen, specifically a one-make for the GT by Citroen road car. I would also make Red Bull its own "Brand" where you'd buy the Red Bull cars (and also have Hangar 7 return as a scape from GT6, albeit this time as an exclusive scape) but also for one-make events featuring each Red Bull car. (They could also be modeled on some of the FIAGTC races that featured them, e.g. the X2014 at Le Sarthe, or the X2019 at Sardegna A.)

EDIT: I also wanted to add that the main point of this post, is to say that I don't think combining all the VGTs together in a given race (as seen in both of the VGT Trophy events in GT League) is something that works, unless they're the VGTs that are also part of a given group. For example, a Gr.1 race that happens to limit you to the respective Dodge, McLaren, Hyundai, Mazda, Audi, Bugatti, Peugeot, and Alpine VGTs. Or a Gr.3 race that limited you to the respective Peugeot, Volkswagen and Toyota VGTs. But I think a series of one-make races found under each automaker would be better, and it'd be in addition to other manufacturer-based events. For example, Nissan would have its one-make VGT event, but also events for the Fairlady Z and GT-R, among possible others.
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I like the idea of this. It would suit some of the more incompatible VGT designs such as the Daihatsu at one end and the Tomahawk at the other.

Also, the idea of, go to Brand Central, buy a car, go straight to a race with it would seem to suit the concept of making racing more "simple and immediate" which seems to have been the intended approach of GTS.

Right now, the only way to make any real use out of the outlying VGTs is in Custom Race or Arcade Mode. I would keep that option available with increased options available in Custom Race to differentiate it.

I loved the manufacturer events in GT4 and never understood why they were dropped in GT5 and GT6.

For this to be practical, though, the next game would need a lot more tracks available at launch than GTS had.


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I'll take anything that allows for one-make VGT race with just the BMW ... AND SOME DIFFERENT FREAKIN' LIVERIES on the competitor cars.