Andy GT's second (and bad) attempt at a story - The Dark Devil

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    The Dark Devil
    A Gran Turismo 4 Fan Fiction by Andy GT

    Introduction: Marco Ravenazzi

    Hello there. My name is Marco Ravenazzi. I’m 23 years old. We live in a small Italian city called Aria. I want to be a professional racer. My parents want me to be a racer. The Ravenazzi have racing on their blood. My grandfather is a three-time Formula GT World Champion. My father won some famous Touring Car championships including the DTM and the Australian V8 Supercars, two of the most important Touring Car series of the world. I also have some uncles that won some minor championships. In other words, I’m on a racing family.
    You may be wondering if I own a car. Yes, actually, I do. And here it is:


    This is a 1994 Nissan Silvia K’s Aero, tuned by Nismo as a request from my father. Nicknamed the 270R by Nissan’s high-performance division, its engine has been buffed up to 270HP (which is why it has 270 on the nickname). I personally call it the Dark Devil.


    And that's it. Pretty short as I didn't want to drag it for too long. There's a race coming up on Chapter 1, so stay tuned!