Annoying Camera Position - Idea

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New Zealand
New Zealand
Since GT5 I have constantly been irked by the odd positions of the exterior cameras, with chase cameras being too far away and the hood/roof camera being in either the hood OR roof position :confused:. PD can't seem to make up their mind as to where to put these cameras and on a lot of cars they just feel off. My personal preference for racing is the bonnet/hood camera, but with most cars having it on the roof it just makes driving most cars feel wrong to me...

So, here is an idea for PD as to how they can make all of us "exterior camera casuals" happy: Let us choose where to put the camera! (I know there is the option of close or far for the chase camera). It really shouldn't be that hard to implement. I'm no coder, but it should be as simple as being able to adjust the cockpit camera