Another 'I finally cleared S-10' post :)

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    I know there are a couple of these threads already, but this has been a long time in coming and I just had to post about it! I know that for good GT drivers it may not be overly difficult, but I very much consider myself a casual gamer, so personally, it was a very satisfying achievement. :)

    I had cleared all the other events some time ago, but all my previous attempts on S-10 resulted in a lot of frustration.

    As the release of GT5 neared, I decided to get a proper gaming wheel setup, and got myself the DFGT and a wheel stand. I then 'practiced' on the A-7 race - both to get used to the wheel itself and the track. The first time I ran consecutive sub 2-min. laps, I 'graduated' to S-10. My first try was a disaster and total embarrassment, finishing 14th. I had a lot of problem negotiating through the field, and often found myself well off the racing line trying to pass other cars. Even using the same car and tuning configuration, the car didn't drive exactly the same as A-7, so that was something else to get used to.

    My 2nd attempt was better, but still disappointing: I found myself in 9th, not being able to catch up to the next group of cars for some reason. Finally on my 3rd try, I had two really good laps to start off with, and had a sense that I finally understood the track. I got to 2nd on the 3rd lap. At that point, I made too many small mistakes to catch up to the lead car and finished the race about 4 sec. behind (I only had one lap that was 2:00 flat, and the rest were 2-3 sec slower). I'll most likely try again; I figure 3-4 clean laps should be good enough to get me to the lead. But for now, I'm content with silver and finally buying the F1 car.

    Total time invested, about ~10 hours.
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    Try and get past the lead car after 3 laps. It can be very hard to catch if you don't. It can also depend on the field. If the GT LM breaks away from the group early it is almost impossible to catch. I just got gold on this a few days ago and found I couldn't pass it if it got away from the pack. When I did get gold it was in the lead pack. It passed the pack with me and actually passed me at the end of the straight at the beginning of lap 4, but I was able to get back in front and finished about 1 sec in front of it. I could never fully shake it though. If you see that one car is a long ways out in front of you after 3-4 laps I'd recommend starting over or just finishing for practice. My experience is that you won't be able to catch it.