Anxious to Play Private Sessions but can't

Discussion in 'Forza Horizon 2' started by GTspace, Oct 3, 2014.

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    Greetings! We want to create private online sessions with drivatars; in every other racing game we play (Forza Motorsport 4, 5, F1 2013, etc) I can play against my friend in the same room with two consoles/TVs. Several reviews said that private multiplayer in Horizon 2 would allow you to select the route, time, weather, etc. After playing events for awhile, we have been able to unlock the Private Online tile on the Social tab, but there is no option to set parameters or invite friends. In fact, when launched it states that it is "Finding a Session" which makes no sense since we don't want to play in someone else's session. At this time the CLUBS tab is grayed out.

    Likewise, we are consistently mystified by the menu system in the game. How can you prompt the map to offer events, for example? "Selecting" an icon on the map never triggers an action; we've tried all the buttons. "B" simply dumps you back where you were. What is the difference between road trip and freeroam? I'm incredibly frustrated and disappointed! The gameplay is fantastic, and the graphics are superb, but all of that does not matter if we can't use private multiplayer.

    If anyone knows more about the online options, or can point me to a web resource that would answer basic questions, I'd certainly appreciate the help. (Yes, I've looked at the "help" screens and they aren't very informative). Thanks!