Any 1st party racing/driving game IPs you wanted to see for PS5?

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by CarRacer08, Jul 21, 2020.

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    Hello petrolheads in Console & PC Gaming board

    We've got about 4-5 months until the PS5 launches!

    The existing ones I would love to see are:
    1. Gran Turismo
    2. MotorStorm
    3. WipEout
    And the only one I'm dreaming of:
    1. A Gran Turismo spin-off that is set in the future, featuring all existing Vision GT Cars (Having similar gameplay to DICE's Motorhead).
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    I dont doubt there'll be another Wipeout. 120fps 4k? Man that would be the ULTIMATE title to display that.

    I'd be surprised if we ever got Motorstorm again.

    For me I'd like to see:
    Destruction Derby
    Ridge Racer

    In an ideal world mutiple license holder would hold the F1 license and Sony would do their F1 games again, F1 Championship Edition for PS3 is still one of my all time faves.