Any mods for GT1?

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New Zealand
New Zealand
Basically, I want to see if there are any mods I can patch with GT1. I tried searching it up, but all that comes up is racing mods for cars, or minor tweaks (like Hifi on all tracks). I want a mod that adds cars, tracks etc., so does anybody know of any?

Seeing that a mod for new tracks in GT2 is impossible, because it pushes the game to it's limits, I want to see if GT1 is difference
Mod tools for GT1 are currently in a very primitive and experimental state. Compared to GT2 it uses bespoke file compression instead of standard gzip, and a lot of stuff is hardcoded such as the car list, event data, prize cars, and so on. It also hasn't had the decades of research into its files that GT2 does - it was possible to extract the contents of GT2's disc and view (untextured) car models in the early 2000s for example, whereas there's no reliable way to view GT1's models yet.