Any tunes for the Dodge Super Bee ?

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I have one part-finished, I'm happy to share it after I've tweaked it a bit. What sort of power/weight/tyres were you looking for (I'm currently at N300 on SH tyres). Any specific track or just general usage?
Looking for a stable tune for the Dodge super bee
This setup below I made it a while ago and please tell me what you think of the handling, and you may have to make some changes to suit your driving style.

Dodge Super Bee '70 (N300)
Power Level: 5 Weight Reduction Level: 5
Power Ratio%: 102 Weight Reduction%: 84
Traction Control: 0
Tyres: Front: Sports Soft Rear: Sport Soft
Brake Balance (Front/Rear): 0
Ride Height mm: 110/110
Natural Frequency Hz: 2.05/2.05
Anti-Roll-Bar Level: 8/5
Damping Ratio (Compression) %: 63/63
Danping Ratio (Rebound) %: 93/93
Camber Angle (-) Degree(s): 2.2/2.7
Toe Angle Degree(s): 0.00/0.00
Downforce Level- Front: n/a Rear: n/a

Final Gear At: 5.000
Max Speed km/h: 180
1st: 1.510
2nd: 1.190
3rd: 0.980
4th: 0.830
5th: 0.720
Final Gear: 3.440
(^^ Adjust Final Gear To Suit Track)
Bread Dodge Super Bee ‘70, N300 max, SH

Power & Weight

Category: N300

Max. Power: 342 BHP (102%)
Max Torque: 59.9 kgf.m
Weight: 1287 kg (84%)

Traction & Braking

TCS: 0
Tyres: SH
Brake Bal: 2 (rear)

Suspension (f/r)

RH: 110/110 mm, 4.33/4.33 in.
Nat.Freq: 1.80/1.80 Hz
ARB: 6/2
DampC 63/63 %
DampR 90/90 %
Camber(-) 1.3/2.2 deg
Toe 0.00/In0.50 deg


Downforce: N/A


IT: 5
Accel: 14
Decel: 14


Set FD to 4.200, Max speed (Auto set) 124 mph. Shift at ~5250 rpm, just before rev limiter.

1st: 2.100/43
2nd: 1.600/57
3rd: 1.211/76
4th: 0.928/99
5th: 0.700/139

FD: 4.200, adjust FD to suit track.

Notes: Stock this car was blobby, slow to turn in and then lots of power inner red tyre and sometimes oversteer. Steering corrections could catch up with a blobby reaction leading to snap behaviour. I lowered and stiffened all around to control her body better. The stiffer front bar adds more stability/understeer but you can still steer with throttle on corner exit, and make steering corrections.

There was some brake release oversteer so I added some Decel LSD. I was tempted to set minimum rear anti-roll bar, but she became a bit too understeery/unresponsive for my liking, so I left the rear bar at “2”.
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