anyone can help me with hybrid parts in gt psp

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Hello everyone who played gran turismo, since I remember I know the game when the first version for ps1 came out, and some time ago I was reading that you could add the parts of the cars of the gran turismo 4 in the gran turismo psp with cwcheat, and I thought that I had to test it to see if it worked, but I can´t change the value in the Disassembler screen menu so I can add the part I want to use.

I have a psp with cfw 6.61 pro b5, gt psp USA copy and cwcheat 2.3.

I have done all the steps that say here:
-When in the "Select Cheats" submenu of CW Cheat
-Press Square over a code you want to modify
-Press Triangle here (when you first see the edit code screen) to switch to the Memory Editor mode (circle always goes back)
-Press Square here to switch to the Disassembler screen for that memory address, scroll down to the address you're looking at and see what the value is (the value will be your "part" code).
-In the disassembler screen, if you highlight the address for the "code" you want - hit X and it'll add it to your "code" list.

For example for the part of the engine appears the code 0x2146B268 0x0000PART engine code for example from the part, that would be 146B268 0X00000000 and I can´t change the value to use.

And another question is how to add the code of the first stage turbo, I have to search it as with the engine or change the value with the part, in which of the three Rows would have to change the value to assign to the car that I want to install it.

The code for the first stage of the turbo is this
_C0 Turbo Stage 1
0x2146B064 0x49AA7D23
0x2146AFC0 0x00000000
0x2146AFC4 0x00000010

Someone who can explain this and something more to understand better be welcome, thank you all
I might be a bit late to the party, but I hope this helps.

What you need to do is go into CWCheat in-game, and choose Cheat searcher. There, choose Disassembler. Find the code you want to modify, for example 0x2146B278 which is the address for the transmission. Now let's say the car you have chosen is a Honda Mobil 1 JGTC, the value you will see there will be 0x00000E5E. But let's say you would want to put the BMW M5's transmission in the Honda. Currently you're still in Disassembler on the transmission address. You press X on the address, which makes a new cheat, and you can modify the value on the address to whatever you want, and you want the M5's transmission. So you change the value to 0x000010FE (M5's transm) and press X once again.

Congrats, you made a transmission cheat. Now make sure cheats are enabled, and that the new cheat you just made is enabled as well. Then get out of CWCheat and reselect the Honda Mobil 1, so that the code applies to it. Hurray, now you can play with the Mobil 1 (or any other car ofc) with the M5 transm. If you want to change the cheat, press square on it to modify the value to whatever else, for example F1's transm, then don't forget to reselect the car.

This way you can make a cheat for any address and change any parts you want.

As for your Turbo Stage 1 codes, I'm sorry to inform you... You got the addresses wrong, but even if you got them right, it doesn't do anything. I tried to fiddle with many different turbo codes, but they just don't do anything. Power stays the same as well as everything else, trust me. The only turbo codes that "work" are the GT4 turbos, and while you can apply them and they affect your car, they're gamebreaking. Any GT4 turbo code you use multiplies your car's power over tenfold and completely messes up the RPMs.

If you're still in it and haven't given up after almost 3 years you posted this, then if you want any more help or the addresses for the car parts, just reply and specify what you'd like to know.

I really hope I helped, maybe even somebody else sees this :D

EDIT: I didn't notice it right away, my bad. Your codes are actually the GT4 stage1, they're for the EU version of the game though. And even if they weren't, they still mess everything up.
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