Anyone know about any tunner who tune without bop max pp. peugeot gr3 vgt

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Hello guys my English not good so here we go.
I made this account just for 1 car im having ishuee with. (Peugeot vgt gr3)
i like racing max power gr3 gr4 gr2.
i tune my own cars but some cars are very hard to tune.
im not a tuner but i manage somehow.
Like Peugeot vgt gr3 it giving me hard time with Oversteer.
when i manage fast corners back tail slip out as soon as i apply gas
i have rear hight more them front rear spring & damper is softer
toe camber is front 1 read 2.8 front 0.25 rear 0.50
if i lover back toa camer to get more grip it slip out even more
i have manage 6.0 on nurbergring time trail. im being very carefull at corners out still slip out here and there. im using g27 with chronos max plus & only abs
my ps id is Diesel-infern06
watch my replay or send me your setup Plzzzzzzzz thanks
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