Anyone up for GT/LMP multi-class racing?

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    I know the online for FM4 died off a while ago, but I figured I'd have better luck finding folks interested in this sort of racing here than on dedicated Forza forums. No offense meant when I say this but it seems the general crowd I've come across on FM4 is primarily interested in short 2-5 lap races with fully tuned up cars (often leaderboard ones). When they can't use the #1 leaderboard car in that class or you turn upgrades off they go elsewhere. Nothing against them for doing that (to each his own), it's just often difficult for me to find folks to race with than it ever was during my considerable time spent playing GT5 online.

    Anyways, I'm not hosting a series with structured rules or anything, just some fun off-beat mixed GT and LMP multi-class races with some unusual settings that would not interest the more competitive Forza racers.
    The concept is simple: 2-3 groups of cars (usually a single GT and LMP together although I constantly rotate different ones around to make it interesting), no upgrades but tuning setups for stock cars are allowed, simulation damage, 11 AI drivers on the track (hard difficulty), and about 10-15 laps per race. ABS, TCS, and STM are all forced off to keep from having Johnny Random who can't handle an LMP car wreck half the field; from what I've seen, most people willing to drive an LMP with no aids and sim damage online probably know what they're doing with that car lol.
    Starts are staggered with GT class going first, 10 second delay for per class after that, and all classes have a 1 second delay per car (helps prevent first lap pileups). Essentially for anyone in GT class you're trying to work your way through a field of unpredictable opponents while dodging a group of psychotic prototypes trying to weave through the traffic; guys in the LMPs have an uphill battle trying to keep their pace quick enough to stay ahead of the pack without getting into any damaging collisions (good luck with that).
    This is all pretty much for fun as these races have such a chaotic nature you're almost guaranteed to get at least minor aero damage along the way (earlier in GT2 class I battled a 997 GT3RS for 5 laps on Laguna Seca while my ZR1 had 58% front aero, 36% side aero, 13% rear aero, and 20% front left wheel hub damage to steal 3rd by 1.2 seconds as we crossed the finish line). Getting on the podium is about 50% skill and 50% dumb luck of not getting banged up to the point that your car is crippled. I've gained respect for endurance racing drivers doing this lobby setup, I really get to experience the feeling of intense battles for position in a car that is less than 100% mechanically, or the sheer lack of motivation to continue with a crippled car in last place but blindly soldiering on just to say you crossed the finish line. Add me if you're interested, this setup is often a lot of fun even with only 2 people and the AI on the track.

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