Appeal For Long Lost GT6 Meme

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United Kingdom
Yes, I am aware this is a weird request. In the long-dead GT6 meme thread there was an amazing meme that was an edit of the GTPlanet news page. One article said that GT7 would be released on the PS2, with Kaz saying "It's a reason to dust off the old system" or something like that. There was also one that said that the marina at Yas Marina (the actual water) would be added in an update for GT6, possibly alongside a Mercedes powerboat. If anybody recognises the meme, or the genius creator comes across this thread, I'd really appreciated if I could be directed to where it is or for it to be reuploaded - it's that good. I've looked in the GT6 meme thread and on Google Images and I can't find it, so I expect the image is no longer available on GTP.