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Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by deepblueracing2, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. deepblueracing2


    ok I want to update my AR MAX with my pendrive but could someone please tell me how I load the codes to my pendrive, I looked and looked and cannot find the spot on codejunkies where you download the codes.

    this is my third post believe it or not. thanks for any help!
  2. GT-40/787b


    Ok i will try to help you the best i can. You have uploaded the file to your computer right? From there you can go into "My Computer" and there should be something like "Drive E" or something. Open that up, move the file onto the pen drive (flash drive) and once the light stops blinking its ok to remove.

    now with the ps2 turned off (this is to protect the electronics, though you dont have to turn it off) plug it into the USB port. Run AR and when the screen comes up, there should be something like "ARMax Import" or something. Choose that and a screen will come up with the list of codes that is on the drive. And it will ask something like "Do you want to move this to this drive?" say yes. and then start the game. then it will say something like "New Codes have been added, do you want to save?" say yes.

    now i have no idea how ARMax works, but on CodeBreaker on the main menu its called "Day 1"
  3. Jondot


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    Erm, i think he mean how does he dowload them from the website.
    I also share this problem. I know there is software included to do this, but i find it only downloads saves. Annoying isn't it:grumpy: .
  4. tubeamp


    Once you get two the secong page of the site .... scroll all the way down to the very bottom and you will see in small print "Downloads" .... click on that.
  5. Ok, if you cant find it on the site open the MAX DRIVE program on your computer. It should have come with your ARMax. you see all your "pc database" "saves" "online database" ?

    up top ya see 4 buttons. "codejunkies" "ARMax codelist" "exit" "sleep"
    Click ARMax codelist and wait. depending on your net connection it could take a while. after ya got it put it in your pen drive and put that in your PS2, load ARMax, and its done. BUT you seem to allways have to have your pen drive in the ps2 everytime you load ARMax. Maby you can move it to a memory card, I havent tried.
  6. thedoc79


    You can move or copy the codelist to your Max Drive, but the file will always come up as a corrupted file and could destroy your Memory Card too.

    I just use the Max Drive when using the AR Max
  7. ilovethescudo


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    i can't find any day1 codebreaker codes for gt3
  8. RogsR34UK


    You will probably find that the game and codes are old and so were not Day1 when they were originally posted and haven't been done since.
  9. tdm546s


    I have downloaded the latest codelist on my Max Drive and some of the games are still not showing up like Manhunt 2, which just came out a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone know how often AR MAX updates their codelist. I don't want to have to manually enter the codes for the newer games from here on.
  10. MrJaseLovsPies


    sorry.. bit of topic and lotsa time has passed on this thread.. but i had the same prob with ARMAX.. plus i dont have the flimsy pindrive i got with the evo edition.. it broke into tiny pieces when i stomped it in anger.......:dopey:

    .......... anyway can i use a normal usb pindrive.. ? i have a 4gb flash one and i tryed to use it in the way described but had no luck.. no "pdates found" messaged poped up =)... can you only use their stupid usb drives?
  11. Street Racer 77

    Street Racer 77

    i haven´t got an usb max drive, because in germany they don´t sell it. how can get new codes without it?
  12. Sniffs



    for those of you who didn't get the "updating" program if you bought the ARMax, i believe you can download the software from the Codejunkies site itself.

    Streetracer 77: in the european half of the site, look up the game you need codes for. if they have them developed, print them off! you can ALWAYS type in manually codes for Gameshark, ARMax, and Codebreaker. you don't always get to download them

    remember, some of us have to do coding the hard way. I have been a cheat device user since the 8 bit era, and still have every one of them. I have reams of paper with walkthroughs, cheat device codes p-cheats (in game codes and button presses), and general tips.

    please, people,
    Look up GameFAQs and your cheat device's websites as a rule of thumb

    that's what the net was created for in the first place. the internet only recently became "for Porn"