Arcade Mode 2 player battle Draw = Player 1 wins

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by gg1181, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. gg1181


    So my dad and i was racing each other in 2 player battle arcade mode very close race at the end we finished at the exact same time 0 time in between our cars then when it said draw the next screen showing the "winner" it showed player 1 wins. Has anyone tied a race ? would have taken proof or pics but was on a "private visit" no phones or internet :"D needless to say his entire life nor mine we have not ever tied a race was pretty cool to see that they didn't have a "Draw" winner screen but just saying player 1 wins wanted to know if there actually is a Draw "winner" screen showing both cars in GT 1 or was it actually never implemented into the game?

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  2. submaniac93


    There never has been a draw screen. GT1 and 2 were kind of weird in that regard because you could lose license tests by tie-ing the gold time lol. Later games fixed it somewhat, bu there still is no draw screen.

    Well-raced however :p