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How Do You Sign Up?
Visit and fill out the form on the bottom of the terms and conditions page. Or comment below to request to meet with the leader NOS_PIRELLI on GT6.

Asphalt Kingz Touge Community Rules and Guidelines :

These rules are subject to change as there are constant updates and changes coming out for GT6, it is your responsibility to update yourself on the rules.

Proper Driving Etiquette:

All drivers are expected to make themselves familiar with the lobby rules before entering any race or competition. If you come across a rule that you don't understand, make sure you fully understand that rule before you enter any touge lobby or blacklist battle. If there is a question please comment below.

You are expected to drive responsibly in a way that’s not likely to ruin the racing enjoyment of your fellow drivers.

All racers are expected to not make fun of someone because of ethnicity personality, disabilities, religion, political views, wealth, etc.

Obviously in GT6 there will be some joking online. Just don't keep making a joke about a specific person regularly. We want all people to have a equally fun experience racing with us and not for them to avoid the community as a whole.

No careless driving. Always drive respectfully for your fellow racers. Be careful take some time to understand the limitations of your car and yourself and drive accordingly. Familiarity with the car and track is expected. Do not go into a blacklist battle without practice and expect to be able to late brake, drift or make other aggressive maneuvers without incident.

Personal Profiles:

Every driver will have a personal blacklist profile and will be liable for every action made on the touge. Race incidents, race wins, race losses, defensive or aggressive driving style, and offenses will be recorded for public viewing. Each driver is fully responsible for their personal profile so take that into consideration.

All battles will be studied and examined by race stewards to determine who moves up or down the blacklist. Race stewards also keep track of each drivers profile and will provide information regarding each drivers personal profile when someone requests a battle.

Black Lists:

All Drivers who qualify in the top 16 in touge qualifying will be posted on a blacklist. The goal is to be put in the #1 Position on the blacklist to be seen as the king of the touge. Each week touge qualifying will take place to keep the blacklist updated.

When attempting to move up the blacklist drivers can battle a person who is one position higher on the blacklist.

No one can battle someone who is in a lower position than them unless otherwise challenged by the person who is one position lower than them.

All blacklist battles will be reviewed by race officials to finalize who wins the battle. No driver can override the decision made by a race official.

If a driver does decide to override the officials decision they will go down a position on the blacklist

Racing Incidences:

In a battle if your car is wrecked you must use a new car for your next battle. Race officials will determine if a driver must change their car due to a significant wreck. (This does not occur during practice sessions)

If a car needs to be replaced due to a wreck that driver must re-qualify for the blacklist with their new car.

Under no circumstance can a driver fight with the official or other driver over their car being wrecked. The driver who had wrecked your car would be impacted on their driver profile unless you wrecked on your own without contact of another car.

Battle Classes:

Touge 420 T

This class will feature cars with PP values up to 420, and has to be a tuner car. This class uses Sports Hard Tires.

Touge 450 T

This class will feature cars with PP values up to 450, and has to be a tuner car. This class uses Sports Hard Tires.

Touge 450 M

This class will feature cars with PP Values up to 450, and has to be a muscle car. This class uses Sports Hard Tires.

Touge 500 T

This class will feature cars with PP value up to 500 PP, and has to be a tuner car. This class uses Sports Hard Tires.

Touge 500 M

This class will feature cars with a PP value up to 500PP, and haste be a muscle car. This class uses Sports Hard Tires.

Tuning Regulations:

List of Chassis modification allowed

Weight Reduction Stage 3

Carbon hood

Window Weight Reduction

Chassis Reinforcement


Only up to 5% of total car weight

Example: 960(Weight) x 5%(0.05) = 48kg MAX

Power Limiter

Any less than 95% Power Limiter use is prohibited for tuner cars.

Any less than 75% Power Limiter use is prohibited for muscle cars.


Any suspension part is allowed


Any transmission part is allowed.

Every other tuning part is allowed, such as Flywheel, Engine Stages, etc...

List of Aids allowed:

ABS only.

Street production cars only!

List of banned cars:

This list is incomplete at the moment. If you think the car you're using has too much of an advantage, then it is highly recommended not to enter it.

- Autobacs Garaiya '03

- Caterham 7 Fireblade '02

- Concept cars

- Hybrid/Hacked cars



Lotus Elise (Standard/Premium)

LCC Rocket

- Opel Speedster

- Racecars/Rally cars (NASCAR, D1GP, LMP, SUPER GT, etc...)

- Race modified cars (RM, TC models, basically.)

Supercars/Hypercars (Veyron, Enzo, S7, etc...)

Suzuki GSXR

- Tank car

- Tommy Kaira ZZ-S T200, T300*

- Tommy Kaira ZZ-II

Tuner cars (Such as Mine's, RE Amemiya, etc...)

Note: More cars may be added in the future