Assetto Corsa and Gran Turismo just had a baby!

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.....and its name is....

Assetto Corsa Evoluzione!!!!!​

This is basically a scratch made mod using Assetto Corsa's assets and brings a Gran Turismo-like career campaign to AC! It features a lot of the same career options and the same "RPG-like" aspect GT we all know and love to AC. Can't wait to try this out! Let me know what do you guys think.

A word from the author....

Hi! My name is Alessandro Cesari, I am creating a major mod for Assetto Corsa that implements a career system similar to that seen in Gran Turismo.

I'm using Unity to be able to have menus structured to look like a real game. This will have classic functions as Gran Turismo games like: Car Dealer, Events, Garage and Car Services and many more! It will also support mods. (Career can launch AC on its own!)

The ambition is to be able to give Assetto Corsa a breath of fresh air and changes or to makes it looks like a new game. I see this project as a hobby; since I have studied programming it is easy for me to code what I want. I also love doing music and video editing and this project will have that type of custom content too!

With your help, I will be able to carry out this project and / or expand my knowledge / tools.

Link to their discord and patreon....
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looks very interesting. Right up my alley! Hilarious how they used NFS Shift 2 music for the video, love it
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I have issue. When I start the race on beginners events it starts ac via steam - main game (main menu of the game), but not the chosen race. I was searching for a solution, but without success. Have you had similar cases before? When i play via content manager (it self) it works perfectly. Than you for your support!