Assetto Corsa & Season Pass 33% Off For XB1 Players

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by GTPNewsWire, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. GTPNewsWire

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  2. RacingManiac


    yay my picture:D
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  3. hardvibes

    Italy Rome, Italy

    Yep I got the season pass a few hours ago! Only 3 days left for those who want to get it with the discount.
  4. -Fred-

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    Is this worth picking up as a gamepad user or will I want to pull my hair out after 20 minutes?
  5. TS050

    United Kingdom Birmingham

    It's worth it. You'll have to turn down sensitivity and whatnot, but it's actually playable on a gamepad, unlike Project Cars.
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  6. VXR

    United Kingdom Plymouth, UK

    This is the deal I jumped on. Will the season pass cover the second and third Porsche pack?

    I have to agree on the controller settings, it's super twitchy at default.
  7. -Fred-

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    Good to know then. I was looking into it for a while but the price threw me off, so I'll probably jump on it.
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  8. BoneSawTX

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    Curious to hear your thoughts, I didn't get this because Project Cars was so bad with the control.
  9. SlipZtrEm

    Canada Toronto

    Worth it with the discount (especially for Canadians). But as others have said, the default pad settings are pretty bad.
  10. Techy

    Vietnam Florida

    After spending hours with a gamepad (notably the Xbone Controller on PC), it's a passable experience. But nowhere near as exciting or inviting as a wheel and pedals. I can barely catch oversteer or spins, and when I do it's purely of luck. Probably won't be able to reproduce such a feat lap after lap.. Also can't manage a single clean lap on a track like the Nurburgring.
    Perhaps they can program a localised haptic feedback like Forza Horizon 3 uses where it can vibrate the trigger locations when you're oversteering or understeering. The current haptic feedback doesn't actually tell me much.
  11. Yes.

    It's playable and enjoyable once you find your preferred settings, which can take a little time though.
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  12. -Fred-

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    Canada Somewhere.

    Well, it took just about 3h30 to download the game from the Xbox marketplace :crazy: so I think I'll give it a go tomorrow... From the brief test I did with a Fiat Abarth at Catalunya, there's definitely no way it's playable on a controller with the default setting.
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  13. hardvibes

    Italy Rome, Italy

    Yep that's exactly my experience. Then I went to a shop to buy G920 + H shifter. It's incredibly good with it.

    If I had no access to a wheel I would have sold Assetto Corsa.
  14. ClydeYellow


    Well, the 33% discount and post-Christmas cash surplus was enough to convince me to bite the bullet.

    Assetto Corsa still feels very rough around some edges, but it's good fun even without a wheel (provided you can get your controller settings sorted, who thought it was a good idea to set the default steering gamma to 3?). Especially noteworthy is the hair-rising experience of taming the "Moby Dick" 935 around the Nordschleife!

    Coming from Forza I'd say the most difficult thing is to get used to braking earlier, using the kerbs and hitting the throttle later. And of course, losing the habit to push for that 10-20% more when you feel the car is on the edge of its grip.