At last, reverse Nurburgring unlocked! How was your experience?

Discussion in 'Enthusia' started by ManRT, Dec 23, 2018.

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    I've been playing a lot to Enthusia during this last year, I have 80 LV10 cars, my driver level is stuck in 99 since who knows when and, of course, 100% of the cars in FR and EL. I don't exactly remember how was my Driving Revolution experience because I beated it years ago, but I do remember some hard and fun times.

    Today I felt so tired abut seeing that FR: 99% in my save file that I decided to go for it: three perfect laps on the Nurburgring to unlock the last Free Run circuit, the crazy reverse Nurburgring. I've recently fell in love with the '02 VW Touareg, this week I received a 1:18 diecast model by Bburago (very good to be a cheap Bburago), so I put it on the desktop, I picked up the same dark gray color for the car in the game and started trying.

    I played against some very slow cars, the fastest was the Audi RS6 and it's been surprisingly easy to leave behind, so this has been a fight against the track, a battle of patience. I didn't had the music on, in fact I was listening to some radio show, I don't usually do this because it's a loss of concentration but today I felt very concentrated and the Touareg was very reliable. Lap times around 9:30 min, slow pace on certain areas to avoid that horrible wheel on grass sound and there I was! 100% / 100% !

    To celebrate it I kept playing with the Touareg in EL mode, I was suprprised to find it in LV1, so I had a great time noticing every improvement race after race.

    So... How was you triple perfect lap race on the Ring? Race or street car? Fast or slow one? Any annoying enemies?
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    Great to see people are still enjoying the game. Last time I drove the Touareg was a fun adventure as I was trying to turn it into a rally car for Wintertraum. A bit challenging, but lots of fun. :)

    Pretty much any car is fun to drive around the Ring, though I recall the '02 NSX Type-R being a stirring match for it.
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    I can't remember for sure what I did 13 years ago, but I probably completed the race with the E30 M3 because it is one of the cars I am most comfortable driving, and it's competitive with the AI cars the game generally chooses to face it. I enjoyed waiting for the right moments to make a clean pass; the AI in this game still hold up pretty well today. :)
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