Audi 200 (C3) quattro Trans Am #44 Hurley Haywood 1988

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    I'm surprised nobody suggested this BEAST.
    The 200 Trans Am was built to demonstrate the superiority of all-wheel-drive on closed tracks and to improve Audi's image in North America.
    It was based on the production 200 C3 chassis, but was considerably wider than the stock 200 with a
    length of 4900mm, a width of 2033mm, and a height of 1340mm, making it the largest Audi racing car ever. It was also Audis first road racing car since the 1930's Auto Union Silver Arrows. The engine
    was the familiar 2.1L 5 cylinder turbo, although with a 10 valve cylinder head as used in the 1987 Audi 200 quattro Group A rally car. It produced 510hp (375kw) and weighed 1100-1200kg. Power was transmitted through a 6-speed Gearbox and the trademark quattro 4-wheel-drive system.
    The drivers for the 1988 SCCA Trans Am season were Hurley Haywood, Hans Joachim Stuck and Walter Röhrl, with Haywood being the only driver to enter all races.
    The 200 quattro Trans Am steamrollered the opposition taking 8 victories in 13 races despite being an all-new car and despite a disadvantage in power as well as weight and tyre width handicaps from the SCCA.
    It was so dominant that the SCCA changed the rules for the 1989 season, banning 4-wheel-drive and
    foreign engine fabricates. Audi however had already planned to move to the even more liberal IMSA GTO series for the 1989 season.




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    This and the 90 IMSA, yes please