Audi R10 TDI Race car?

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    In B spec la sarthe seasonal, why is this car always lagging behind? is it its specs? it seems on par with the other cars in this event, so why is is being destroyed by a mere R390? Im just curious
  2. My R10 has always lagged behind the A spec or B spec. Many people have been disappointed with it. Seems to me it has a little too much TQ (diesel) on the low end and doesnt rev out high enough compared to the 10k limit of the competition...which in turn means more frequent gear shifts and/or taller ratios.
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    The R10 never won races from pure speed, the R10 won races because it was reliable and could run further on a tank (diesel fuel economy). Its still a diesel, therefore it won't rev very high and have very good top end power. The TDI doesnt need too shift a lot, its only a 5 speed and the ratios must be a lot taller to reach the same 226 mph top speed as the other cars.
  4. Nish

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    Ok, Mr. Lucky you said this in the other thread as well and I agree with all of it but even with it's down side's on LeMan's it was still faster than the R8. Just because it was more reliable and efficient doesn't mean it's speed didn't come into play.

    In real life lap time's by the R10 match and at time's best the R8. Why on GT5 is it beaten by car's that lapped LeMan's more than 20 seconds slower per lap? (McLaren F1 GTR)
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    Le Mans....just sayin.
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    as Nish_280z has just said, we've been discussing a lot about this.
    My opinion is: the R10 is not only slower than the R8, it's also slower than ALL the other STANDARD Le Mans and Sports prototypes (Bentley, Pescarolo, Sauber, 787B etc). This means: the original performances of these cars haven't been adapted to the new GT5 driving physic, these cars just handle the same as in GT4, while the R10 is configured with GT5 physic (as the Peugeot 908 HDI Fap, which goes faster than the R10, but slower than many other standard racing prototypes).
    If they had made the R10 faster than the R8, that car would set unreal times on la sarthe or on any other circuit. The truth is that the R10, despite being appartently "slower", is one of those few, rare cars in the game with the most realistic performances. If you race it on la sarthe, respecting original car's settings, your lap times will be incredibly close to those set during real races.
  7. Im_Lukas


    I'm pretty sure when stock and with no tuning done to the transmission the car will top out at about 190 mph and I don't think the other B Spec drivers change their transmissions.

    That is if you're talking about the other B Spec drivers and not you're own. I haven't tried this yet but I do recall my car topping out at a low speed on stock gearing. If not it's probably something to do with the standard physics.
  8. Toyota GT1

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    Yes im talking about the B spec drivers, its always last in this event and i was curious why a 01 model would beat a 06 model...
  9. Furinkazen


    Because the R10 in GT5 goes to real life specs... from an old thread I made:

    Car (REAL LIFE HP / GT5 HP)

    Audi R8 '01 (610 / 822)
    Audi R8 '05 (520 / 818)
    Bentley Speed 8 (615 / 814)
    BMW V12 LMR (580 / 764)
    Pescarolo Courage-Judd GV5 (600 / 770)
    Pescarolo C60 Hybride (660 / 905 )
    Pescarolo Courage C60 Peugeot (510 / 828)
    Peugeot 908 (700 / 725)
    Toyota GT-One (600 / 803)
  10. Carl the Sloth

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    It is indeed quite a poor car, even the stealth model struggles to keep up..
  11. crooky369


    Thanks for this. I'll have to see how the RL times compare with GT5 when you have the right amount of power. :tup:

    Also I can't believe the Pescarolo had that much of a power advantage in 2005. Will they ever get a better chance of winning?
  12. Furinkazen


    Well the Audi in 2005 was being adjusted to fit new rules...
  13. I didn't know that.... how disappointing.
  14. Furinkazen


    I may do a full list on a new thread soon...
  15. Cowboys965

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    Could it be that all of the games prototypes are not setup to Le Mans rules and regulation? Like power, weight, etc.? So say like the 1000 HP Pescarolo when you put a turbo in it, and still 900+ HP stock?
  16. Furinkazen


    I thought that actually, I thought maybe they run to an unrestricted full bore kind of regulation...
  17. Cowboys965

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    I might of read that somewhere. Cars are limited to regulations in real-life racing too, right?
  18. No. In 2005 the race was basically Pescarolo's to lose, even though they were the massive underdog. The R8 was aging and heavily restricted to meet the hybrid rules used that year because it couldn't be adapted successfully; whereas the Pescarolo chassis was able to adapt to them much better so it didn't require the horsepower or weight penalty. It was a much faster car, took pole, had the fastest lap and the fastest trap speed.

    Then it broke. And them's the breaks, I suppose.

    That wouldn't work for the NA cars, because they didn't have "unlimited" tunes.

    Well, they did for qualifying purposes, but not "200 extra horsepower" unlimited tunes. PD's numbers are just imaginary for the sake of being imaginary.
  19. Furinkazen


    The Audi had the prime advantage of being an Audi... so it never broke down, and in ORECA had a prime team running it. Pescarolo where faster with a different engine and updated car but had reliability issues.
  20. Kwicko


    Brings to mind the cardinal rule of endurance racing: In order to finish first, you must first finish!

    The Pescarolo was clearly the superior car, in every area save reliability. In a 24-hour race, that becomes quite an important area. :)
  21. crooky369


    Such a shame as well. I think a lot of people were getting fed of Audi winning almost every year by then and Pescarolo are the ultimate underdog fan favorite team being a French privateer team based in Le Mans and run by a Le Mans legend.

    I have watched the review of the '05 race and the Audi's are almost comically slow for a winning car with them struggling to get past the GT cars down the Mulsanne but they never explained why that was so thanks for the history lesson. :tup:

    Also just tried a Bentley EXP8 on the '05 configuration using RM tyres, the proper amount of power and my time was very close to Kristensen's pole lap (3:32.8) with a 3:31.1 with me of course having no traffic to contend with.

    Just going to try the Courage-Peugeot '03 now which looked very slow (3:40.8 in qualy) in real life compared to the beast it is on GT4/5.

    EDIT: Got a 3:38.3 I'm thinking that maybe the car has too much downforce or grip in the game as with almost every LMP car on GT5 it feels superb round the Porsche Curves.

    EDIT2: Tried the RH tyres and they are much slower which resulted in a 3:43.0. I then tried the RM tyres again but this time with only half downforce on the car and my time was a 3:40.6 which is getting very close to the real cars pace.

    I think this might keep me busy for a while!
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