PS4 Auto Racing Connected (GT3, Multiclass Endurance, Indycar) Sign ups are open!

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    Auto Racing Connected or also known as ARC, is opening up for signups for our 3rd season of competition! ARC hosts some of the most exciting racing on the PS4 currently, and we would want to see more drivers take part in the action! ARC sanctions 3 series on Project Cars. These series are the ARC Sports Car Championship which is a GT3 endurance series that typically lasts for an hour, but features an interesting race format. The next series is the ARC Indycar Championship, which is an action packed series that features 100 mile races on some of the most loved tracks on pCARS. The main series of our pCARS lineup is the ARC Endurance Championship which is a LMP1 and GT3 multiclass series, that typically has 2 hour races, except for the Le Mans race which is 4 hours. Each series is on a scheduled night but may be changed. The first race of season 3 will be ARC Indycar Championship which will be March 6th.

    Here are the scheduled nights:

    ARC Sports Car Championship: Tuesday Night at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time
    ARC Indycar Championship: Monday Night at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time
    ARC Endurance Championship: Thursday Night at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time

    Attached below should be the 3 schedules for each series (Sorry pretty new to this :p)

    If you seem interested, please leave your PSN and expect a friend request from either Rawls420, AJZoom99, or JGFan2496!

    Thank you for reading this, and we hope to welcome you to this upcoming season.

    P.S. We have a F1 2016 series too, if you are interested in that just mention it :)!

    Follow us on Instagram, @ARC__Official to see some new news and updates!

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