Automotive Model Photography Competition 111

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    Week 110

    AerodyManiac :__________________2
    Venom800tt :___________________1
    GTP_Dutchy :____________________1
    LongbowX :______________________1
    AOS- :___________________________0

    Congratulations to AerodyManiac!


    Thank you to all who voted, and for those who entered!

    Competition 111


    Theme chosen by AerodyManiac

    THEME: In their words: "Love at First Sight

    Take photos of a car that you liked soon after seeing it.”


    • Editing: Levels, Curves, Colour Balance, Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Shadows/Highlight adjustments, Cropping, or anything else capable in the development process or with filters and common special lenses (such as gradients) are allowed to be used in Photoshop or other image editing software.
    • You may also edit/clone tool slight defects like dust spots.
    • You may use Unsharp Mask.
    • Other adjustments and effects are not allowed to be used in your picture.
    • Photographs should ideally include some composition and effect - Base the photo on a studio shoot, or even use diorama/composition to create a realistic setting (you could position the model and camera in such a way in an outside setting so that it appears to be a 'real' car)
    • No HDR shots.
    • Shots must be taken between January 2016 and the present day.
    • Work that has been shown previously (outside of the competition) is allowed.
    • One entry per competition. You may change your entry as many times as you wish, however the entry you wish to submit should clearly be labelled with "Final Entry".
    • Pictures posted should preferably be around 900px on their longest edge. You may link to a larger photograph in the post (I believe this is the size limit allowed by the Photography forum, however it likely hasn't been updated in some time)
    • All scales of model are allowed unless specified.


    Deadline for each bi-weekly competition will be 10:00pm EST on a Monday (or Tuesday), poll will be up by 10:30pm EST
    Voting will close on Saturday at 10:30pm EST

    This competition will close on July 29th
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    I remembered this time. :dopey:

    "Final Entry"

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  3. AOS-

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    Final Entry

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    Weee, my entry:
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  5. AerodyManiac

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    I’ve got an entry stored in my camera, but it’s already 2 am here, so if you guys can postpone the deadline by around 1 day, I should be grateful and able to get something in tomorrow.

    EDIT: Final Entry

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