Automotive Model Photography Competition 88 - POLL

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Please choose the entry that you feel best encompasses this week's theme ("Your Worst Model")

Poll closed Dec 17, 2017.
  1. 1) GT HP Nut

  2. 2) GPR

  1. LongbowX



    THEME: "Your worst model.Perhaps a beloved (but trashed) childhood toy. Or a model that you consider the least detailed, or defective in some way. Whatever you consider the worst."


    Please vote for the artistry and embodiment of the theme, not for the vehicle featured.

    Do NOT vote for yourself

    Please, view each image in it's full size, before voting.

    In the event of a tie, a 2 day poll is created.

    In the event of a second tie, the individual who chose the theme will cast the decide (even if they are already represented in the poll’s results.)


    Entrants in order of POLL entry:

    1)______________________________________________GT_HP Nut



    This poll will close December 16th.
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