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B&B Tuning Shop

Spencer Battersby
Domestics & Race Cars
Live: RacerSpencer
GTP: r8man
E-Mail: spenske12@comcast.net

Eric Biggs
Exotic (Asian & European)
Live: Ebiggs
GTP: Eric.

Founded by car fanatic Eric Biggs and race car driver Spencer Battersby, B&B Tuning was founded to provide the best tunes in Forza Motorsport 3.
We offer a variety pre-made setups but will also setup a car to fit a certain track or series. We also sell upgraded and tuned and setup vehicles that can
be fitted with custom paint schemes or parts.

What's the difference between a "setup" and "tune"?

- A setup consists of adjustments made to the suspension, drivetrain, and aerodynamics. A tune is an upgrade to one or all of the essential components
in a car including engine swaps, cams changes, cam shaft timings, ECU, valves, super charging, turbo charging, upgrading the suspension system, driveshaft,
transmission, clutch or flywheel replacement, tire compound, width or profile change, or finally, changes to the aerodynamic profile via front splitter and/or rear

Each setup may contain adjustments in the following areas:


-Dampers (bound/rebound
-Spring stiffness
-Ride Height
-Tire pressure
-Anti-roll/sway bar
-Brake bias
-Brake pressure

-LSD preload/acceleration/deceleration
-Torque split (where applicable)
-Final/rear gear ratio
-Transmission gear ratios

-Front splitter downforce levels
-Rear wing/spoiler downforce levels

Important setup goals for different kinds of racing:

Road Racing

Technical tracks (example: Laguna Seca)
-Good, stable turn-in
-Medium to high downforce
-Gearing optimized for acceleration

High-speed tracks (example: Road America, Le Mans)
- Predictable braking temps that can withstand repetitive hard braking
-Low downforce/drag
-Gearing optimized for medium to top speed
-No bottoming out/stiff suspension

Oval Racing/Top speed attempts
-Gearing optimized for top speed and hi-RPMS
-Little downforce/drag as possible
-Stiff suspension
-Low ride height

Drag Racing
-Gearing for acceleration
-Stiff front/ soft rear suspension
-Low rear tire pressures

Setup services offered:

-DX (Pre-made for generic type of racing)
- LX (Pre-made for specific track)
- EX (Pre-made for specific series)
-GT (Custom-made for generic type of racing)
-GTS (Custom-made for specific track)
-GTO (Custom-made for specific series)

We also offer pre-built and setup vehicles with the following options:

We can built it to an optimized setup for your needs or you can specify the parts yourself.

Each vehicle comes free with a GT, GTS or GTO-level setup of your choice

-Brake rotors upgrades
-Front and rear anti-roll bars
-Chassis stiffening
-Roll cage
-Weight reduction
-Tire compound (stock, street, sport, race slick)
-Front and rear tire width
-Rim size
-Rim style

-Air intake (Cold air intake)
-ECU (Engine Control Unit)
-Exhaust (Street, sport, race)
-Fuel system (high-flow fuel pump)
-Ignition (colder spark plugs)
-Camshaft (timing changes)
-Displacement (Cubic inch/centimeter increases)
-Turbo & Supercharging (single or twin-turbo, supercharger)
-Cooling (intercooler)
-Flywheel (stock, lightweight)
-Clutch (single, double, triple plate)
-Transmission (stock, race)
-Driveshaft (stock, aluminum, carbon fiber)
-Engine swap (engine from other car of same make)

-Front splitter (stock, race)
-Rear wing/spoiler (stock, race)

In your order please include:
-Your Live gamer tag
-Kind of order (setup or tuned car)
-Specifics about the order such as the series, car, and/or track the setup or tuned car is being ordered for
-Preferred deadline

For exotics (Asian and European cars) contact Eric Biggs.
For domestics and race cars contact Spencer Battersby.

Not satisfied with your car/tune/setup?
-Contact either Eric or Spencer and they will help rectify your concerns with our product

All pre-made setups will be available on the Storefront so there is no need to order a setup unless it's going to be a custom setup or car.

We can be contacted between 9am and 11pm any day of the week for an order for a setup or an order for a car. We will try and get fulfill your order ASAP.

Current tunes[/U][/B]
2007 Shelby GT500
-T/C to 981 HP or
-S/C to 948 HP
-6.0L V8
-Roll Cage
-Full race drivetrain and suspension
-Race tires and brakes
-Front Splitter/Rear Wing
-3100 pounds
-currently setup for high speed road courses
-R3 717 spec

Price: 10,000 credits

Ford Focus RS
-Turbo Charged to 350 HP
-more specs coming

Price: TBA
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Spencer's Tunes

CHEVY: coming soon

2007 Shelby GT500
-T/C to 981 HP or
-S/C to 948 HP
-6.0L V8
-Roll Cage
-Full race drivetrain and suspension
-Race tires and brakes
-Front Splitter/Rear Wing
-3100 pounds
-currently setup for high speed road courses
-R3 717 spec

Price: 10,000 credits

Ford Focus RS
-Turbo Charged to 350 HP
-Setup for the C Class Championship
-more specs coming

Price: 10,000
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Eric's Tunes


2006 Civic Si Coupe (FG2)
202hp, 143ft-lb, 2936lbs
1'35.831 = #34 D class time at Road Atlanta Full.
9'07.601 = #16 D class time at Fujimi Kaido Full.
- Other benchmark times to be posted.
Excellent braking and turn-in. Very consistent, yet rewarding.

10 Available at 15,000 Cr.
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Now Available:

D350 2006 Civic Si (link)
34th fastest at Road Atlanta. Great handler with plenty of power. Ten for sale at 15,000Cr. Excellent online car.

SALE PRICE! Due to Turn10's server maintenance, all cars are limited to a $10,000 price ceiling. Buy while you can!
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Limited-Edition Tuned 2007 Shelby GT500R Gulf Livery Auction


Full Race suspension, tires and brakes
Lightweight racing wheels
Stage 3 weight reduction
High boost supercharger
6.0L V8-943 HP
3 with Adjustable splitter and rear wing

Limited to 6 cars starting at 190k each! THIS IS FOR A COMPLETE CAR WITH PARTS.
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