Bad / Fun car setups?

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Sometimes when I'm bored of a Gran Turismo game I try to come up with absolutely horrible / crazy setups for random cars and then try to lap the Nordschleife as fast / accident-free as possible. I was just wondering if anyone else here is doing the same in GT7 and maybe wants to share some masochistic fun setups and maybe even make a challenge of it?

I remember in GT5 I tried various setups, for example I had one for the Jaguar E-type that was especially fun, extremely soft rear suspension setup and also extremely low ride height with max. extra ballast at the rear, the car was bottomed out and it threw sparks the whole time and the rear slid around like on ice. Extreme front suspension camber and very high stiffness resulted in little traction and made the front super bouncy. The car was comically hard to drive and it looked amazing in replays, lol.

Of course the setups need to be crazy within limits, for example if you create gearbox setups where you simply cannot go beyond 50 km/h etc. you end up with a boring agonizingly slow setup, and making the car simply undriveable is also not my definition of fun.
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I haven't done this in GT7 yet, but used to do it quite a bit in the older titles.

One of my favs was taking the R32 Calsonic GTR and softening the suspension to the max, raising ride height to max, softest roll bar settings and max power of like 1000hp, and just throwing that thing around tracks. It was super fun to drive, not really that slow, and really pushed the suspension limitations of the game. Made it like a kids arcadey cartoon car game.

I'll have to try it out in 7... I haven't really thought about it in a long time!
Heh, that sounds like a wonderful idea for a fun setup. Maybe add max rear ballast and stiffen the front suspension to the max and see if I can make the car lift the front tires in fast corners. I am going to try that out for sure. :D
Generally, I like to see what specific sorts of PP limits I can get near with certain cars, especially when the softest version of tire they already come with. So for example, if a car comes on Comfort Hards or Sports Mediums, I'll respectively put them on Comfort Softs and Sports Softs.

So far, I've managed to set both a BMW i3 and an old Jeep to just below 400 PP.
If you have it.

Try the engine swapped '15 Miata with the LT1 Corvette Engine. Sounds amazing on paper but it's a handful.

Try that out and make it work. :D