Basic features to improve GT Sport

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I incorrectly posted these in the main GT Sport forum because this part of the forum is quite well hidden!

Anyway, please can PD add the following features:
  1. One make races in lobbies identical what is available in some of the daily races. The host should be able to pick a car in their garage and if anyone in the lobby does not own that car it should gifted to them for use in that race only.
  2. The ability for the host to cancel/restart a lobby race from the pause menu
  3. The ability to see lap X of X on the lobby search screen if a race is ongoing and/or to be able to see the same information once you join a lobby where a race is ongoing.
  4. The option to sort car specific liveries by popularity in the discover search section.
Do PD look here for feedback I wonder?