Batch normalising mp3’s?

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I’m looking for a piece of software that can batch normalise a couple of hundred mp3’s. It’s for my gaming custom soundtracks, I’ve got over 200 songs on the playlist from various eras so the levels are all over the place.

Is there anything that can take one of the songs as the ‘reference’, and then alter the levels of the rest of the files overall volume (up and down) to roughly match? And then obviously re-encode them with these changes. That’s the exact thing I’m after but quite a hard thing to search for.

Preferably free but wouldn’t mind paying a few pence, obviously don’t want to spend a fortune on some all singing and dancing audio processing software just to do this one specific thing.

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I know WIndows audio drivers do have a "Audio Normalize" function.
But otherwise you might have to do each one manually.

Doing it manually might be better if you do want to have some quiet spots in the music.