Belfast: A New City Track Idea For Gran Turismo

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    Hello Everyone.

    I would like to propose my new Belfast city track idea to Kazunori Yamauchi and his development team for the possible inclusion into a future title of Gran Turismo. I have planned this track carefully and I have placed the pit stop at Donegal Square just outside the town hall where the race would start and end and Chichester St, Victoria St and Oxford Street along the Waterfront would allow for some high speed runs before the chicane at East Bridge Street and Cromac Street. Then followed by a right turn into Ormeau Avenue and then another sharp left turn into Dublin Road where the player would then meet a sharp hairpin turn at Shaftsbury Square. Then its a high speed section along Great Victoria Street with a sharp right turn into Wellington Place and Donegal Square where the lap is complete.

    Here is the track that I have drawn up with the snipping tool and MS paint from Google Maps. This should give an idea of what the track will look like in the game.
    Belfast Gran Turismo Track Idea.PNG

    I think this Belfast track would also be viable for Endurance Races as well as the single and the series cup races as well. Could you imagine racing your favourite car on this track in a future Gran Turismo game? I would enjoy thrashing some of the LeMans cars on this track for sure ;).

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