Best car to win Historic Cup Intl. B Apricot Hill

Hello -

I've long ago advanced to Intl. A, but I still have to go back time & time again to win Historic Cup at Apricot Hill.
My best race (after a number of attempts) was in my 330 P4, which I lost in .05 seconds to the same car that I lost to numerous times before (this car will remain nameless for the dignity of racing)
I then raced with my Chaparral 2D with worse results.

I love racing and want to hear any best car ideas as I'm growing anxious to simply put this frustrating race of the Historic Cup at Apricot Hill behind me.

Thank you in advance,

United States
United States
It's been awhile but I found the Chaparral 2J the easiest. Be patient and don't overdrive the car, the AI will slow quite a bit the last lap and a half to let you catch up. I bet you were referring to this. It can be beaten.