Best Cars/Strategies For Close Endurance Races

Discussion in 'GT5 Race Reports' started by Falcon787B, May 2, 2014.

  1. Falcon787B


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    Hello folks,

    I haven't been around here in a while, and I'm returning to complete what I never really properly started - my run-through of GT5's major races. I always like close races if possible, even in endurance races, so I try and carefully pick my choice of car and strategy to provide a competitive race - a tough thing sometimes given GT's blithering AI :dunce:

    So if possible, post in here your best choices of cars for the endurance races. Can be any of them, as I've only done one of them I'm basically approaching it as a blank slate. They can be cars you've used and had a fun/close race in, or ones you think on paper would work. Any interesting strategies that could go along with them are welcome here too :)
  2. redneck 95

    redneck 95

    For the 4 hour ring I used the ford gt pm race car with racing hard tires and pit every 3-4 laps
  3. von Stiefel

    von Stiefel

    I looked at some of my old race reports for the 4 hour Nürburgring.
    In a Mazda Roadster TC, 388 PP. The opposition lineup had to be carefully selected, and racing soft tyres a must ...or are they? It's worth another attempt!
  4. skaposzczet


    For Le Mans 24h i chose Mazda 787B stock and it was close and challenging race till the end.
    For Nurburgring 24h i chose Honda Weider stock with Racing hard on rear and racing intermediate tires on front. While racing my second child was born and now after one year I'm finishing this race. I have 2 hrs to go and have 7 min over second car. It's raining now and i hope i will win this race :).
    The car is stunning to drive and have fuel indicator in cockpit. I think it is the best choice.