Best dirt cars?

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by Liamdude 00, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Liamdude 00

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    I need to know some of the best rally or off-road cars. The best one I have is the. :bowdown: Subaru wrx sti.
  2. XxTH3_ST1GxX

    United States Gatlinburg, TN

    well most asphalt cars will have a problem driving on dirt... except the rally cars Subaru WRX Sti and the Lancia Delta Integrale
  3. bradford


    I found out that McLaren MP4-12C can do 90mph on dirt. I expected it to do no more than 50 (458 Italia does 40).
  4. Bigbazz

    Wales Wales

    Only the Lancia Delta and the Subaru Impreza can drive fast offroad. But if you're talking offroad Vehicles then i'd take the Mercedes ML63 AMG
  5. VXR

    United Kingdom Plymouth, UK

    Definitely, 100% not the Beetle. :D
  6. Liamdude 00

    PSN:Liam Paul Butler

    I have a 458 and managed to get it to 60.
  7. N99GT

    United Kingdom UK, B'ham
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    ive managed to get to 137mph in the Lancia...But the ML63 AMG would probably be the best one!
  8. Clark

    England Armitage, Staffordshire

    The V8 Buggy does 146mph off road.
  9. Minty

    United States Pasadena, MD

    Yeah, I would say the Buggy that you get for finding all of the wrecks in area 2(I think) of Ibiza would be the best.
  10. Bigbazz

    Wales Wales

    I wasnt impressed by the buggy too much, it seems slower than the B3 cars. not that surprising considering the power difference. I still maintain the Mercedes ML63 is the fastest.
  11. E28

    United Kingdom South Yorkshire

    The Stratos in the new DLC will probaly blitz the other cars.
  12. The Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris is the fastest SUV. Over 300km/h on asphalt and probably not much slower on dirt. Ridiculously expensive, but I bought it anyway.
  13. Bigbazz

    Wales Wales

    I'm not so sure, the rally car would, but are we getting the rally car or the road car? the road car definitely would not be the fastest, no faster than the Delta, infact probably slower.
  14. rhys159

    Wales England

    I'm pretty sure it's the Rally Car version.
  15. VeyronR8


    Has to be the Subaru.
  16. Carl the Sloth

    United Kingdom Great Britain

  17. Lizard

    United Kingdom Lincoln UK

    It depends if it has corners the subaru if not the spyker if it has large jumps the merc.
  18. Danny

    United Kingdom Scarfolk

    The beautiful, beautiful Spyker.
  19. the lancia stratos rally car i got to 142mph on dirt with level 3 upgrade