Best Lap/sector times mini display bug.

United States
United States
For some time now, my onboard timing display has had a bug. It usually doesn't update with my current sector times, best lap time, or optimal lap. Sometimes it will show some data but will do something like display my latest sector 3 time in the sector 1 column, or calculate my optimal lap to be slower than my fastest lap. It's been getting worse and unusable now. I heavily used this tool when practicing or qualifying and frequently glanced at it to help guage my tire management during races. I haven't seen anyone else report this issue yet, and their doesn't seem to be a fix or anyway to improve it?
I notice this issue every time I grind for credits on the "Big Three" (Sardegna, Le Mans, Tokyo). Once I am out of traffic and basically just hotlapping, I would like to know how my splits compare to the previous laps. I really don't remember this behaviour at all when playing GTSport, and I have yet to understand how something as simple as displaying sector times properly didn't make it from GTS to GT7.
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