Best PS4 Racing Using Logitech G29

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Rugnugdo, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Rugnugdo


    just bought a G29 for clutch etc upgraded from my Driving Force GT on pS3....

    I have bought a PS4 now and wanting to get a couple of games to maximise the G29’s shifter and clutch, what are the best realistic games avaiable? My dad was a rally driver so keen to get the best rally game and also a game like GRan tursimo etc but which are the best for PS4?

    Couple of things on G29, I did a bit of research prior and not sure if other that quieter the wheel is much diff to DFGT? The pedals are def better!
  2. Daz555


    Driving Force GT is soooooo slow in comparsin to the G29 which spins rapidly and relatively smoothly so they are worlds apart in that regard. As for games on PS4 - the best SIM on PS4 is Project Cars 2. Assetto Corsa is good as well but lacks content of the Windows version. For rallying, the DiRT series is available on console so that's a good place to start.
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  3. GTV0819


    Definitely it would be slow. Why? It's just very simple; you're playing a new gen racing game with an old wheel that came out a decade ago which was also a lot more suitably made for older games for previous gen consoles such as the PS2, PS3 and the like.

    So what do you expect? Obviously, the experience will not be the best at all and will not live to today's standards unlike when you play the latest game with the latest corresponding wheel or the old wheel paired to the old game.

    So basically, you can't compare them, since it's like an apples to oranges comparison. It wouldn't be sensible to do it..
  4. PocketZeven


    All have these have the option for H-pattern+clutch.

    For overall fun:
    Project Cars 2, Gran Turismo Sport

    SIM (lack in content):
    Assetto Corsa

    Rally (in order of personal preference) :
    Dirt Rally, Sebastian loeb Rally Evo, Dirt 4, WRC 7

    Yes you can compare. They are basically the same Tech. G29 has a stronger motor and helical gears. It is comparing an apple with a more delicious apple.
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  5. GTV0819


    Okay, I guess. If that's what you believe in..

    I always thought it would be more sensible to compare the G29 with either the older G25 & G27 since they're both more high end, have more similar specs and so, they also have more premium price than the DFGT, which is more low-end and budget friendly than the other two.