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Discussion in 'GT5 Drifting' started by Zerve0, Dec 8, 2010.

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    Now I realize that there a ton of "help me" threads around here, but many of those pertained to a complete, or near novice. I know how to drift, I've watched the drift bible, and I understand most of the theories behind how it works and what not.

    I've been drifting since GT3. However, I've always used a pad. I personally believe that my drifting skills are either average or slightly above. But I seem to have hit a wall on my ability. After witnessing some crazy drifters on wheel, I decided to try my hand at it.

    The results were ugly to say the least. I would be unable to properly initiate a drift. And the ones I did had horrible lines. I would constantly spin out, or snap back into a wall. Pretty much everything that could go wrong, did.

    After a few days, though, I did see improvements. I was able to get a few laps down at Tsukuba without major error, although the drifts weren't very pretty. Practice, as I understand, is the best way to improve. But what I'm really asking, is how should one practice?

    Would you recommend online lobbies? Sticking to one car and one track? Multiple cars? Do one turn over and over?

    Right now I'm switching between the AE RX-7, and the FD RX-7. And I'm driving around most of the Tsukuba drift lobbies. I'm also using a Driving Force GT. Power steering off, with force feedback set to 10.

    At this point I feel as though I'm seeing zero improvement on wheel. And getting triple my scores on pad makes me regret trying to convert. But I'm sure in the end it will be worth it.

    How would you guys practice? What would you look at and try to improve upon? Any suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for the wall of text. =(
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    xDriftzzinc (Banned)

    My FFB is 6 and you should add Proto-Cltchkik i can help you tommorow oh and yes you do have to adjust the wheel a lot
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    Lol id say i needed a lesson or two also, if you wouldnt mind. :sly:
    Same situation as above too, idk what to do...
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    Try different lines, mix up horse powers. See how a car will behave at XXX amount of power.