Bikernieki Race Track (LV) - W.I.P.

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    Hi, I'm from Latvia and in capital city Riga we have race track "Biķernieki" which has great history. Always wanted this track in games. Here is link with map (page is in Latvian - sorry) - Whole big lap is 5945 meters long. Track has 5 configurations + carting track and speedway oval near it. I started from tests of Path Editor and Small Car Track (Oval). Here is 1st result:!/friend/artdroid/course/1246749/


    Real life: 1.700 km / 1.056 miles
    Replica: 2.993 km / 1.860 miles
    Theme: Eifel

    Will continue working on it (whole big track) only thing that track has bridge and now sure how to put reference image into Path Editor.
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    As I thought, have same problem like others with start length - it's too long. So only thing is to increase proportions of track (which not good idea) or make before and after start lane curve a bit different. So I made this to use as reference in Google Earth.

    Bikernieki  - Speed Circle.jpg

    Do you have any advice guys?