Bmw M3 '04

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    Good Evening

    Im not into the english so i couldnt translate all of the words that are used in the settings. I have allready tested some tunes out of the forum but mostly they are way too stiff for me. I wanted you to have a look at one of my Tune and check if made some mistakes in tuning a FR Car.

    Its an BMW M3 '04 Fully Tuned (weight reduction, Engine & Downforce)
    Lp: 548
    Tyres: Sport Hard & Middle


    Ride height -1 / 0
    Spring Rate 9 / 8.6
    Damper ext 6 / 6
    Damper exp 5 / 5
    Anti Roll Bars 1 / 1

    Wheel Alignment

    Camber Angle 1.0 / 0.0
    Toe Angle 0.05 / 0.00


    Initial Torque 25
    Acceleration Sens 35
    Braking Sens 35

    That tune is for the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Please give me some serious Feedback with some explanations. Like "your damper ext is too stiff so the weight could not transfer to rear while accelerating" and not "yeah your tune is crappy because of lots understeering."
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