BMW Z4 Coupe '08 500PP

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  1. TheLostNumber9


    United States
    Hey everyone,
    This is my first tune I've really worked on, so it's not a save all but it is something.

    I use a DS3 (Custom mapped), Everything off except ABS=1

    Tires: Stock (Sports Hard)
    Weight: 1,540 kg
    Weight Distribution: 50/50
    Max. Power: 432 HP
    Max. Torque: 315 ft-lb

    Driving style: Late braking and aggressive. However to aggressive on exit will result in minimal (controllable) over steer.

    *Wheel users will need to use slight adjustments, would post but I dont have a wheel to tune with :confused:


    Purchased Parts:
    Racing Brakes
    Fully Customizable Suspension
    Fully Customizable Transmission
    Fully Customizable LSD
    Triple Plate Clutch Kit
    Carbon Drive Shaft
    ECU Sports Computer
    Racing Exhaust
    Isometric Exhaust Manifold
    Catalytic Converter: Sports
    Any rear wing (I use the custom model wing)

    *All figures will be given in F / R

    Ride Height: 85 / 90
    Spring Rate: 7.60 / 9.30
    Dampers (C): 3 / 4
    Dampers (E): 5 / 6
    Anti-Roll: 4 / 4
    Chamber: 0.0 / 0.0
    Toe: 0.00 / 0.20

    Brake Balance: 6 / 5

    Max Speed: 193 MPH

    1st: 3.703
    2nd: 2.603
    3rd: 1.915
    4th: 1.520
    5th: 1.260
    6th: 1.048
    Final: 3.715



    LSD: Torque = 9 / Acceleration = 15 / Braking = 9



    Power Limiter = 100%



    Down force: Rear = 20

    Ballast Weight: 45 kg
    Ballast Position: -50

    This tune has it's base in an offline GT5 tune I made for the same car. From such I made this tune running laps on Tsukuba today and the best on DS3 I could manage was a 1:02.1xx. On the other end of the scale I ran a race of 1 lap at the Ring (with a decent lap) and ran an If you find a tweak to this tune (especially for wheel users) don't be afraid to respond. Would love to make more tunes but need to make sure I'm not crazy here with how I do these :lol:
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